Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Sex toys are the ticket to happiness – for everyone involved
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We've finally made our way to the topic of sex toys for this most recent foray into "What Women Really Think…" Are you feeling confident enough to read the results of our crowdsourcing, gentlemen? Although finding a woman who is against sex toys is pretty rare, some men, however, are actually a little intimidated by the idea of bringing another little something something into the bedroom. Considering the orgasm-inducing power of some sex toys, it makes sense.


 Female and male sex toys have been on the rise for years, and more and more people are using them with their partners. Lelo Global Sex Survey found that 72 percent of those who own sex toys use them with their partners. Of the women out there who own two or more sex toys, only 28 percent of them are single, in comparison to the 62 percent who are in committed relationships. Also, and you definitely want to pay attention to this fact, gentlemen, 78 percent of women can't orgasm without clitoral stimulation. This means that if you're not into bringing sex toys into the mix, then you better step up your game.

They're pretty much a necessity.

"Sex toys are a total must, I can't believe any woman actually has a truly satisfying sex life without them. My current boyfriend is all for them; I actually don't think I've ever dated anyone who hasn't been, and I don't think the relationship would last long if they were. As the BF put it recently, I basically think of them as a labor-saving device. I think everyone should be able to have an orgasm as easily as guys do, but it's more complicated for the ladies.

"I used to think my sex life had gotten better with age, but realistically, it was because I finally opened my mind to using my vibrator (and other toys) with my partners. Masturbation and sex without vibrators is really lackluster.

Then there are the guys who just aren't into them.
"I have one. It's like the most simple, boring hard plastic purple vibrator. I use it at least a few times a week, always alone, and I could live without it if I had to. My husband is kind of a prude when it comes to toys for some reason. I've suggested using them together and he never seems into it.